How to Reset Amped Wireless Range Extender

The log-in process in any router plays a significant role in accessing the default window. Users utilize the Amped router log-in window as a platform with which only the authorized users can pass to the window. To get to the default Amped router log-in window, a user has to type on the address bar. If, in some instances, users will encounter error 404, you may also enter the IP address of a LAN on an Amped router into the URL for a browser. Amped router’s IP addresses are Amped router’s address is Only users with the correct log-in password can enter into the window.

Steps to log-in for Amped wireless high range router setup

log-in via into an Amped wireless high range router

  1. Use a browser to access the computer that is connected to local WiFi. Verify you have Internet available on the WiFi device. Otherwise, the log-in process won’t function.
  2. Take your cursor to your browser’s address bar and type as the URL of the browser. Be sure to enter the correct URL in your address bar. If you encounter some error, you may also type the IP address for your router’s LAN in the address bar in your browser.
  3. An IP address for an Amped router can be found at Click the Enter button, and you’ll be taken onto the Amped router log-in page.
  4. Type the password that you type earlier while logging into the window. Click on the username tab, and then type “admin” as your default username. If you’ve not changed the default password, then type “admin” as your default password in the password field in the Amped router log-in window.
  5. Click on the log-in button, and you will be redirected to the main window of the window.

NOTE: Both the log-in credentials fields in an Amped router’s log-in window are case sensitive. When entering log-in credentials, ensure your fingers are held in the position of the shift keys when typing uppercase letters. Release the shift key as you type the lowercase letter. Password characters must not be longer than 64. Any mistake while typing the password can discard a user from logging into the window. It is essential to be cautious when entering passwords and assigning the username to the Amped router’s log-in screen.

I entered, and it failed to open the Setup Wizard.

  1. A user is supposed to enter the Setup Wizard menu after typing the link as the URL of a browser. If it is the case that the Amped Router Setup process is executed on your device, it will display the initial Amped Router log-in screen that appears on the screen. If it’s the first time a user is connecting to the router and after typing on the browser’s address bar, it fails to open a Setup Wizard, you need to follow the below troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.
    These are steps to troubleshoot that the user must follow to fix the problem.
  2. Check that you have made sure that your router is not linked to your computer via the wireless connection. Switch to a wired connection if you’re using an internet connection that connects your router to a laptop. Wired connections are thought to be highly reliable and long-lasting connections compared to wireless.
    Check that your computer isn’t connected to any other wireless network. It could be the reason for preventing your access to the Setup Wizard of your router. If you’re bound to a different WiFi network, you will be directed into the standard Amped Router log-in window. If this happens, you should disconnect all other devices that are connected to your network. Reboot your router, and then join the WiFi network by entering the WiFi password you were assigned.
  3. Close the browser you are using and then open it up again. If you’re using any browser other than Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, you must switch to any of the prescribed browsers. It may resolve your issue as sometimes your router is not supportable to any other browser than the prescribed one.
    It is also a possibility that the user has already set up to configure the Amped router. You can check this by entering your LAN IP address into the address bar that you are using in the browser. A router’s IP address is Amped router will be that a user needs to enter into the address bar in a browser. Press enter. If you do not see the Setup Wizard, a menu dashboard is displayed. It is a sign that your router is already set up. A link at the lower right of the Dashboard allows users to navigate to the Setup Wizard of an Amped Router. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click the Setup Wizard link.
  4. If the above troubleshooting methods cannot start the Setup Wizard on your router, you will need to restore the default settings to your router by way of a reset procedure. Reset the router by pressing the reset button, which is just behind the Amped Router. The reset button is pressed for 10 seconds, and after the reset process is completed, your router will automatically reboot. If your router hasn’t yet been set up, then it will appear on the Setup Wizard will always appear on your screen. After your Amped Router has been configured, the Dashboard of the will appear.