| Amped AC2600 Wi-Fi Extender Setup

How to setup amped wireless for AC2600 Wi-Fi Extender?

Amped Extender Setup can be accomplished via either the WPS connect method. Or the Wi-Fi connection method. Most users utilize the WPS connection method because it is the most efficient method of connecting the Extender. The only requirement to be met when attaching the Extender to a router using a WPS connection is that the WPS connection is the router has to be equipped with a WPS button either on the front panel or back panel of the.

Amped AC2600 Wi-Fi Extender

  1. Here are the safety precautions the user must follow before the Amped Extender Setting up process.
  2. Before beginning this Amped Extender setup process, the user must ensure that he has equipped with all the requirements required to complete the setup procedure, such as an Ethernet cable connected to a wired connection, power outlet, etc.
  3. Do not fix or replace your Amped Wi-Fi Extender during the time-limited zone since it could send an insecure quantity of Wi-Fi signals to your router, which will reduce the connectivity to the Internet of your router.
  4. When connecting to a wireless network, the Wi-Fi extender you are using has a signal strength of between 4 and 5 bars, and it can send a strong signal to the router.
  5. When you connect, be sure there aren’t any reflecting metal objects, surfaces, or bricked walls. Also, avoid placing electronic devices in the vicinity of your router or Extender since they could serve as obligations among your device. The reflective surfaces between your network devices can reduce the signal strength and cause unstable signals to the Extender.
  6. Find your Wireless Network credentials and note them somewhere so that you can use them during the Amped Extension Setup process within the home network.
  7. Set the Range Extender near enough to the router that it can provide the most Wi-Fi signals to your router.

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How do I set up a wireless extender

  1. Steps to perform the Amped Extender Setup process through the web interface of dashboard
  2. Make sure you connect the antennas to the back panels on your Amped range Extender.
  3. Connect to connect the Power Cable from your range extender into the existing Power Outlet and make sure that it’s receiving enough power to establish the connection.
  4. Switch on your computer or tablet or whatever device you’re using. Check the Wi-Fi settings of your device, and then locate the 2.4 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies that are part of the Extension.
  5. Click on one or both of the standard Network names and enter the Wi-Fi password default in the appropriate field. You will find the default Network name and the Wi-Fi password in the white sticker on the device.
  6. Once you are connected, go to your browser and type dashboard on the browser’s web address. ( It is not necessary to connect an Internet Connection is needed). If the web menu is unable to appear, enter for the web address for the browser.
  7. If the web menu appears in the display, you’ll see the Dashboard of the Amped Extender, which will show you the state of the Amped Range Extension.
  8. Click the Scan button in the middle to identify your network at home.
  9. The device will list all networks nearby in a queue.
  10. After choosing the home network Click the Next tab.
  11. Then, you’ll be asked to type in your Network Key for the frequency bands of the Extender. If both networks are active, leave the fields empty and go to the next tab.
  12. A Network Settings page will appear and allow you to manage the settings for the extended network.
  13. Click Next and apply the settings that you have used.
  14. Range Extender will adjust your settings and automatically restart. It could take up to a couple of minutes.

When the countdown is over, you will need to connect your computer via the extender network. It is possible to connect to the 2.4 frequency band or the frequency band 5 GHz that is part of the wireless network.