How do I configure the Amped Wireless router?

Amped Wireless Router configuration: After joining your router with your system, you must complete the setup procedure through the Basic Setup Wizard. The user must connect to the Internet via the router for an indefinite period to enable the wizard to set up the router. The user can connect to their router via a wired connection or a wireless connection. Most of the time, wired connections are considered a more secure and reliable alternative to a wireless connection.

Below are some steps needed to connect to the setup wizard of an all-new Amped router.

  1. Use a browser to access your computer that is connected to your local network.
  2. Take your cursor to the address bar of a browser and type as the URL of a browser.
  3. If this is the first time an individual can access the menu for the web on the Amped router, the setup Wizard on the router is displayed on the screen.
  4. If the menu for web does not open, it is possible to enter the IP address of the LAN for an Amped router into the address bar of a browser. A LAN IP for An Amped router can be found as or
  5. Click Enter, and the Basic Setup Wizard will appear on the screen.
  6. If the user wants to manually set up his Amped router, he cannot go through the setup wizard. If a user chooses to skip the wizard for setting up, he must identify the kind of Internet connection to the router.
  7. Make sure that the antennas of your router are correctly connected to your router, or not.
  8. Click on Next to proceed.
  9. The wizard will attempt to determine the Internet configurations of the router. Take your time and wait some time while the wizard is trying to identify your internet settings. The wizard will inform you when your Internet connection is successful. The notification window will show an orange indicator on the window that is notifying you.
  10. Tap Next to continue.
  11. The next step is that you will need to customize the Wi-Fi configurations by assigning a specific network name and password for each frequency band that is available on Your Amped router.
  12. You can also add a Security type to your wireless network to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network.
  13. Click Next to save your settings.
  14. Finally, you have to create a log-in password for your Amped router. This password will enter into the Amped router’s login page.
  15. After you have applied all settings, press “Apply” to save the settings you set up.

Be aware that once the setup process has been completed, the countdown will start on your screen, and after that, the router will be rebooted. The method of rebooting can be as long as two minutes. If the countdown does not begin, then you can restart the web page manually to verify whether the countdown has already started or does not. Following the reboot, then create a new web page and confirm whether you can connect to your Internet as well or not. Check to see if any additional devices have been linked to your network as you test your Internet connection.

Amped Wireless Router setup | How to login to the interface window?

Login via into an Amped router
The login process is the primary method that allows users to enter into the window of an Amped router. Amped router’s login window comprises the admin password and the password that the user has to enter before entering the internet interface for the router. Without entering the login credentials, no user can enter the web menu dashboard of the window. While logging in for the first time during the Amped Router setup process, a user has to type in the default credentials to get to the main window

Steps to login to the interface window

  1. Use a browser to access the device connected to your local Wi-Fi. Check your Internet is working on your Wi-Fi device, or else the login process will not work.
  2. Take your cursor to your browser’s address bar and type as the URL of the browser. Be sure to are ordering the correct link in your address bar. If you are confronted with some error, you may also type the IP address for your router’s LAN into the address bar in your browser.
  3. Amped router’s IP addresses are: Amped router can be found at Press enter, and you’ll be taken onto the Amped router login page.
  4. Type the password that you type earlier while logging into the window. Click on the username tab, and then enter “admin” as your default username. If you’ve not changed the default password, enter “admin” to be the primary credential in the password field in the Amped router login window.
  5. Click on the login button, and you will be redirected to the main window of the window.