How to login via http:// into an Amped Router?

In certain situations, should users will encounter the error 404 and you may also enter the IP address for the LAN that belongs to an Amped router into the URL http:// for a browser. An IP address for an Amped router is 

Steps to login via http:// into an Amped router login via into an Amped router:

  • 1. Start a browser on the computer that is connected to local Wi-Fi. Verify your Internet is working on the Wi-Fi device, otherwise, the login process will not work.
  • 2. Take your cursor to the address bar of your browser and type as the URL of the browser. Be sure to are typing the correct link in your address bar. If you are confronted with some kind of error you may also type the IP address for the LAN of your router in the address bar in your browser.
  • 3. An IP address for an Amped router can be found at or http:// Click the Enter button and you’ll be directed to the Amped router login screen.
  • 4. Select the username tab and enter “admin” as the default password for your login. Type the password that you type earlier while logging into the window. If you’ve not changed the default password, enter “admin” as the default credentials in the password field in the Amped router login window.
  • 5. Click on the login button and you will be redirected to the main window of the http:// window.

Notice: Both the login credentials fields in an Amped router’s login window are case-sensitive. When typing login credentials, be sure your fingers are held in the position of the shift keys when writing uppercase letters and release the shift key when typing lowercase letters. The password characters shouldn’t exceed 64 characters. It is important to be cautious when typing passwords and also when assigning the password to an Amped router’s login screen

In the event that you have completed, the Amped Router Setup process is executed on your device you will see the standard Amped Router login screen appear in the window . Below are troubleshooting steps users should follow to resolve the issue:

  • 1. Be sure you’ve made sure that your router is not linked to your computer via the wireless connection. Switch to a wired connection in case you’re using wireless connections that connects your router to your computer. Wired connections are considered to be a more durable and reliable connection, compared to wireless.
  • 2. Be sure that your PC isn’t connected to another wireless network. This could be the reason that prevents you from access to the Setup Wizard for your router. If you’re connected to another Wi-Fi connection, you will be directed back to your default Amped Router login window. If this happens you should disconnect all other devices connected to your network. Reboot your router, and then reconnect to Wi-Fi networks on your router by entering the Wi-Fi password you have been assigned.
  • 3. Close the browser you are using and then open it up again. If you’re using another browser other than Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you must switch to recommended browsers.
  • 4. It could also be the possibility that the user has already configured an Amped router. Try entering your LAN IP address into the address bar in your web browser. A router’s IP address is Amped router can be found as or http:// that a user needs to type into the address bar in a browser. Enter the address and if you do not see you seeing the Setup Wizard a menu dashboard appears, it is a sign that your router is already set up. There’s a link at the lower right of the Dashboard that allows users is able to gain access to the Setup Wizard of an Amped Router. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click the Setup Wizard link.
  • 5. If the troubleshooting methods are not able to start the Setup Wizard on your router, finally, you must restore the default settings to your router by way of a reset procedure. Reset the router by pressing the reset button that is located on the back of the Amped Router. Hit the reset button 10 times, and after the reset process is complete, the router automatically starts up. If your router hasn’t yet been configured, it will appear on the Setup Wizard and will always appear on your screen.

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