How to setup Amped Wireless AC1200 wi-fi extender

This Amped Wireless High Power 800 mW AC1200 Wi-Fi Routers have Wi-Fi speed with 802.11 AC. They also are equipped with the top WifI broadcasting. This RTA 1200 is implemented with Amped wireless Hogh Power technology that includes eight powerful amplifiers and two high-gain dual-band antennas, which hand more than 3X the coverage offered by routers. This RTA1200 is the best model in its class, with four-gigabit network ports. It’s great to connect to your Smart TV, Gaming Console PC, or any other network device with fast wired connections speeds with plenty of bandwidth to cope with the intense activity on many devices.
Inexpensive and slow connections are no longer a topic of these times. You can just one step away from setting up RTA 1200 at home or office for your Wi-Fi network. Enjoy speedy and interrupted service.

Some of the features of Amped Wireless high power AC1200 routers include:

  1. Built for Your Experience to enjoy the fastest AC1200 Wi-Fi speeds
  2. Additional bandwidth and availability for many users
  3. You can get three times the range of comparable routers.
  4. Ability to push the signals through walls with the assistance of 8 powerful amplifiers
  5. The ability to connect gaming consoles and smart TVs to
    gigabit wired ports
  6. Securing enough with advanced Wi-Fi security features as well as parental controls.
  7. Configuration in preparation for Amped Wireless High Power 800mW AC1200 Wi-Fi Router
  8. This Amped Wireless High Power 800mW AC1200 Wi-Fi Router can support both2.4 and 5 GHz, bands.

To start the set-up, you can follow the steps listed in the following steps:

  1. The first step is to turn off your Wireless Routers by disconnecting your modem and on your computer, and if you do not have the router is in use, you may do this without a problem.
  2. The next step is to connect all your antennas to your amped wireless router. Then, connect an Ethernet cable to your modem and the amplified Wi-Fi router WAN Slot.
  3. Additionally, you must turn off your modem and connect out the power cable from your modem for approximately 10 seconds. In addition, you must turn off your Amped Wireless router.
  4. First, you must connect the modem to the internet and wait for one minute. After that, you will need to switch on your Amped Wireless router.
  5. Everything appears to be turning off… Now you’ll need to join an Ethernet cable from your amplified wireless router to your computer or laptop.
  6. Once you are connected, then open a web browser and enter the URL as and press enter, and now you will be able to see a screen with a login window,
    If you’re making it your first time, the set-up configuration screen will be displayed.
  7. When you have completed the steps above, your amplified wireless router will detect the kind of Internet connection you’re using depending on the Internet supplier, i.e., Static, dynamic PPPOE.

Safety Features in the Amped Wi-Fi Router

Nowadays, every technology comes with its security issues, and everyone wants secure networks. As per the demands of the young Amped Wireless Routers, keep the security issue in mind and ensure that the web of the tier is protected with security features. They are equipped with various security features that enable their users to control access to the wireless networks with the aid of user-specific authorizations, wireless analysis, or the scheduling of switches on and off.

It has a Block feature for websites you don’t think your kids will use or that office staff could utilize.
Access for users (MAC address filtering): Amped Wireless routers can allow or deter certain users while they attempt to join the network. There is the option to stop devices from accessing your MAC Address that contains 12 numbers. Hex number.

Access to Users access(IP address filtering) To ensure that your Internet connection is only linked to the users or the IP address you wish to connect to, you’ve got a function to prevent access by an IP address you do not want to be part of. This will help you maintain the security concerns before your networks.