Ampedwireless Setup

Amped Wireless is a web address which is used to access amped wireless setup dashboard. To login to the setup page of amped wireless.

  • Amped wireless Setup through
  • If you are using Wi-Fi router previously, unplug your router from your modem as well as from your computer.
  • Establish the connections b/w your Amped wireless device & modem using an Internet cable which is used to connect modem & WAN port of your Amped wireless device.
  • Please make sure that your Amped wireless device is power on.
  • Open a web browser & type as the web link in address bar. You will see login screen but in case of first time setup you will get a setup configuration screen.
  • You will opted to enter a new Wifi Name for your existing router/modem. Amped Wireless device is on the final setup stage & you can personalize your network settings.
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Update amped wireless

Amped wireless Network

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  • Amped REC10
  • Athena High power Ac2600 wi-fi router with mu-mimo ( RTA2600-R2 )
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  • Athena High power Ac2200 wi-fi router with mu-mimo ( RTA2200 T )
  • High power Touch Screen Ac1750 wi-fi router ( TAP-R3 )
  • High Power AC1200 wi-fi Router (up to 800mW )
  • Use of amped wireless range extender
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