Amped Ally plus Extender Uses

If you have a big house and wants wifi connectivity in each and every corner of the house then ally plus is the device that is designed for fulfilling your needs. Ally plus provides you the strong connectivity of internet in every room of your living space as it is a device that is both a router and a extender. The well designed web interface and the mobile app accessibility makes it a complete package to be an ideal home mesh system.

Ally Plus setup instructions

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In this blog we are going to put light on the good and the bad of the product so that you can have in-depth information about the device.

High security and alerts

You can do the settings on your network to block the unknown devices ever try to connect to your Wi-Fi and also get the alerts whenever any user tried to access the flagged sites. You can also check the reports of activities done by your kids on the network. Ally plus comes with AVG protection that makes your network protected from Malware and phishing attacks on each device connected with it.

Parental control

Blocking access to content or apps which you wish your kids would not see and manage what your kids see online by using the App of ally plus. You can also set Wi-Fi schedules and time slots for every user, even can pause the Wi-Fi whenever you want.

Router and extender

As told in beginning Amped ally plus is a more than a router, it is a device that come with in-build extender. This feature helps to boost the signal quality and bandwidth of the signals.

Big area coverage

With ALLY Plus get Wi-Fi in coverage in every room of your home. Even if you a patio this device is meant for your space, as it can cover up to 15,000 sq ft. Hope this review helps you to make your choice and if you are already using it and want any assistance to setup the device than feel free to chat our experts.


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